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Our Values 
VALU3’s mission is to create outstanding results for forward-thinking and innovative brands. We start where others stop.

To have an impact, your brand has to fit your business goals, vision, and values in order to be authentic, clearly understood, and highly valued in your marketplace. 

We work with you to fully define every aspect of your brand, using our proven strategic branding methodology to unlock exponential growth.

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Company brands, Personal Brands, E-Commerce, Politicians, Celebrities



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Brand Awareness

Through tried and tested digital branding techniques, we’ll help to define your future customers and put your brand in front of them.


Getting people to look at your product is one thing; turning them in buyers is another. With an in-depth knowledge of buying behavior, we’ll set your brand up to convert as many customers as possible.


By helping you create a high-quality brand that exudes value, we’ll ensure that your business is in the best position possible to consistently increase revenue.

Market Share

Digital marketplaces are highly competitive, with an abundance of brands trying to climb to the top. We’ll make sure that you rise above them all and take the majority market share in your industry.

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About Valu3

Alex Petrisor

Chris Kurz

With extensive digital marketing and branding experience, Alex Petrisor and Chris Kurz saw an opportunity to use their expertise to help brands navigate the complex online space. They decided to create a digital marketing company called Valu3, which has successfully helped digital brands for years and has become a globally recognized brand in itself.

Valu3 has established a niche in helping brands craft bespoke, results-driven digital strategies, increasing awareness and heightening visibility online. Valu3 is one of the fastest-growing digital media agencies, with 500+ successful projects across various industries.

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